What is Lokamig´s policy and type of agreed rate?

A. Lokamig has 3 types of rates: By run kilometer, with an allowance of 100 km/day and with free mileage. We are the only renter that offers such a simplicity of several rates options that fits all customers’ needs.

Are Lokamig´s customers obliged to select the rate right when they rent, as usually happens currently in our market?

A. No. Even if the customer made an option for one type of rate, at the end of the rental the contract will be closed at the rate that can best serve him. (This is a Lokamig´s commitment!)

What is the minimum period for a rental?

A. The minimum charged period for a rental is 24 hours. After this minimum period is left behind we will charge extra hours or extra days, whatever applies.

What type of coverage Lokamig offers to its customers?

A. Lokamig offers protection for the rented vehicle for theft, collision with damages and even for total loss of vehicle. Besides, it is also possible to make an option for a protection that can cover the cases of body injuries and material damages to third parties.

How are the extra hours charged?

A. The extra hour is charged in the proportion of 1/5 of the value of the contracted rate.

Is the vehicle delivered with a full tank?

A. Yes. All vehicles are delivered to customers with full tanks and should be returned the same way. If they are not, the customer will be charged according to the missing fuel as per our fuel chart.

Which are Lokamigs renting requirements?

A. The Driver: Should be older than 21 and carry a valid driver’s license issued more than 2 years ago.

How is the total value of rental calculated?

A. Rate (24h) + Value of chosen protection + eventual additional fees (fuel, accessories, exceeding km, (if applicable) + service fee).

After making the vehicle´s reservation and after receiving the confirmation, may I consider it guaranteed?

A. At Lokamig yes. In case the desired model is not available we will deliver you a superior model at the same rate of the reserved model.

May I return the vehicle in a different location?

A. Yes*. In any of the Lokamigs service points. In Belo Horizonte (Head Offices on Gutierrez District, Pampulha Airport or at Confins Airport. (*against payment of additional fee) In other cities the value of the returning fee will be calculated according to the distance.

The larger the rental period, the bigger will be the discount on the rate?

A. Yes. The longer is your rental, the lower is the rate value, proportionally. There are packages for fortnights, weeks and months which will certainly fit every need.

Does Lokamig have model variety and special vehicles?

A. Yes. Lokamig is the renter that has the most diversified and complete fleet in the market, all over the Country: They are over 40 models. We also have vehicles for physically challenged drivers and armored vehicles, under previous inquiry.

Is it possible to rent a car with a bilingual driver?

A. Yes. Lokamig has an optional service with executive drivers including bilinguals, under previous inquiry.

Required documents for legal persons:

Identity Card; CPF or passport; proof of residence and valid credit card (with available financial limit sufficient to cover the desired model).

Required documents for legal entities (companies):

Please check with our Sales Department on phone: +55 (31) 3253-5050 or e-mail us on:

In case of any other doubts do not hesitate in contacting us. Call us on the phone +55 (31) 3349-8900 or click here.